Innerspring mattresses utilize steel coil support systems, with a varying number of spring shapes, designs, and coil gauges. Wrapped in padding or upholstery materials, and even additional layers of smaller steel springs, the assortment of innerspring mattresses you see is intended to serve different body types and sleep habits. Generally speaking, more coils means more areas of support, resulting in improved support and better contouring. Whatever the foams, fibers, and additional layers of smaller steel springs, innerspring mattresses provide support and pressure relief for the sleeper.


Interestingly, memory foam originated in the 1960s from a substance called viscoelastic. Designed by NASA, it is both energy absorbent and remarkably durable. Far from old-fashioned mattresses of that time, memory foam continues to be innovative, shaping to the body in response to heat and pressure. One of the main benefits stems from the fact that memory foam evenly distributes your body weight, softening when you lie down and returning to its original form when you get up.


Like their automotive counterparts, hybrid mattresses combine multiple support systems, typically from memory foam or Latex Foam layers, in addition to an innerspring system. Most notably, hybrid mattresses are known for the relieving pressure, as memory foam or latex do, while providing the classic feel of an innerspring mattress at the same time.

Making the Big Decision

Like many, you might just find yourself interested a variety of mattresses, but unable to arrive at a final decision. Buying a new mattress does represent quite an investment, after all. For these folks, a hybrid mattress is the perfect choice. Hybrid mattresses merge an innerspring system with memory foam (or latex) to ensure the unique benefits of both technologies. Hybrid sleepers report the perfect blend of support and contouring comfort.

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